Benefits to Sales Team

With Warmerr™ identifying company profiles and contact details this information can enable sales to follow-up leads that are more relevant than cold calling a business from a Google search result. Warmerr™ helps you identify not only the contact information but where the lead has browsed around your website. So with this insight you can easily see what type of information the visitor was looking for. If they spent time browsing a specific product or service page we can assess that they are a potentially hot lead. At this point making further contact whether it be via LinkedIn, email, phone or post the sales team stand a better chance of engaging.

Increase your chances of ROI by making a timely first contact. Warmerr™ gives you this business data intelligence which was previously just a visitor number in your website statistics.

Let Warmerr™ take the “wonder who is visiting our website?” question and turn this into tangible decision making data intelligence.