Warmerr CEADS Technology

CEADS Technology

NEW for 2016! CEADS Technology has broken a new barrier in the forever growing desire for more prospects and more sales!

What does CEADS Technology mean?

B2B Competitor Leads. Everyone of your B2B customers has competitors and the likelihood is that their competitors could be your future customers. The competitors stand a high chance of similar buying requirements which is where CEADS Technology fits in.

With CEADS Technology, Warmerr captures related website visitor competitor leads too. Turning every B2B Sales Lead into multiple opportunities. For every identified B2B website visitor, Warmerr will calculate a further 5 related leads based on the original visitor’s B2B website keyword analysis.

Let Warmerr take the “wonder who is visiting our website?” question and turn this into tangible decision making data intelligence.

Without CEADS Technology. Other IP Intelligence software only identifies visiting B2B:

Without CEADS Technology

With Warmerr’s CEADS Technology:

With CEADS Technology

We identify more prospects for your business.

These prospects are direct competitors to the original visiting prospect B2B, thus potentially increasing your ROI x 6.


Your web design agency and you’ve converted a B2B Company 1 visitor into a sale. You design Company 1 their ultimate website. There are significant time resources invested in the design of Company 1’s website. Using CEADS Technology, Warmerr has already identified 5 additional prospects that you could offer your website services to. The time resource for developing similar website structures, ie learning curve for the client requirements should be considerably less for prospects that are of a similar business sector. Also in this example demonstrating the new Company 1 website to Companies 2,3,4,5 and 6 should be an excellent starting point for your first contact – further nurturing business relationships.

Warmerr makes prospecting for sales leads so much easier. Increase your ROI and choose a plan to get started now.