How does Warmerr™ work?

When a visitor browses your website, a unique tracking code from Warmerr securely communicates the referring website such as ‘Referred from Google with keywords: example product’, the visitor’s IP address along with information about where on your website they are visiting.

Warmerr servers analyse your website traffic and convert your unknown visitors into hot sales leads by identifying business visitors. Knowing the visitor’s website address will quickly enable you to identify hot sales potentials.

Remember the visitor came to you and has shown an interest in your product or services. You can delegate this information to your sales team to pursue and turn a previously unknown prospect into a sale!

Take the typically low 5% of B2B visitors who will purchase or make contact from your website and drive that success rate sky high with Warmerr.

Let Warmerr take the “wonder who is visiting our website?” question and turn this into tangible decision making data intelligence.